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Buses 2020
recreating passenger transport for a changing world

Date Of Conference: 1/27/2005

Never has the demand for travel and mobility in the UK been greater. Within the increase, the 2004 Bulletin of Passenger Transport Statistics shows that the number of bus journeys has risen for the fourth year in succession. Whilst usage in London has risen sharply, reduction in loss rates elsewhere give a clear indication of a sea-change in attitudes to travel.

Yet within this expanding market, and with a few well-publicised exceptions, the bus is still tainted with the impression of failure that has existed over the past 50 years. Its image is still seen by many, event within the industry itself, as irrelevant to modern lifestyles. This poor perception amongst society at large makes it a more likely target for crime and disorder of all kinds, further reducing its effectiveness and visual image, and stigmatising users and staff alike.

But the growing cultural changes surrounding congestion, quality of life and climate change are beginning to make the bus look like the transport of the future. Furthermore, the government has made no secret of the fact that it sees high quality buses as a feasible alternative to expensive light rail schemes. The likes of the 'ftr' tram/bus concept from the UK's largest bus operator shows this renaissance could be reflected in the abilities and objectives of the private sector as well.

Speakers include:
Peter Huntley, Director, TAS Partnership; Mayer Hillman, Senior Fellow Emeritus, Policy Studies Institute; Peter Hendy, Managing Director-Surface Transport, TfL; Colin Brader, Managing Director, Integrated Transport Planning; Adrian Wickens, Marketing and Communications Manager, Volvo Bus Ltd; Siep Wijsenbeek, Design Partner, Design Triangle; Mike Weston, Operations Director, London Buses; Leon Daniels, Commerical Director - UK Bus, FirstGroup PLC; Peter Warman, Independent Consultant; Matthew Bradley, Group Marketing Manager, Go Ahead Group PLC; Jeremy Acklam, Executive Chairman, ITSO and IT Director, Virgin Trains & Marcus Enoch, Lecturer in Transport Studies, Loughborough Council. Chairs: Liz Micklethwaite, Head of External Communications, Greater Manchester PTE & Colin Brader, Managing Director, Integrated Transport Planning

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