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Future realities: where now for DRT?

Date Of Conference: 12/1/2023

There is no doubt that the DRT concept has a role to play in transport provision in the UK. But now it is time to take stock of exactly what the role is. How much are people willing to pay for DRT - in terms of usage charge and subsidy? Which markets does DRT best serve? What is the role of technology in this provision? Ultimately, where is DRT heading?

New guidance on the second round of Local Transport Plans puts a firm focus on the role of accessibility planning in passenger transport provision. DRT has a part to play in improving accessibility, but which factors in existing schemes do we need to build on in order to reap its potential?

Speakers: Marcus Enoch, Lecturer in Transport Studies, Loughborough University and lead author of the Intermode report into DRT; Steve Grayson, Economic Advisor, DfT; Keith Buchan, Independent Consultant and Project Manager for Wiltshire's Wigglybus; Tony Cross, Head of Transport Services, Lincolnshire County Council; Tom Sansom, Planning Research Manager, GMPTE; David Blainey, Transportation Officer, Flintshire County Council; Jeff Duffell, Managing Director, Mobisoft UK; John Richardson-Dawes, Senior Transport Co-ordinator, Devon County Council; Rauno Moisander, Tampereen Aluetaksi & Katie Burgess, Consultant, Transport & Travel Research

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