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On-Street Parking
Special Parking Areas, the Traffic Management Act and beyond

Date Of Conference: 11/23/2004

Decriminalised parking enforcement has been a reality for a decade. Over 130 local authorities across Britain have set up Special Parking Areas (SPAs), within which they take over control of most parking regulations from the police. There is still great scope for the expansion of decriminalised parking across the country - over 30 schemes are now in the pipeline.

While parking enforcement is a traffic management tool and public service, it remains a contentious area of activity as members of the public resent being penalised for parking contraventions and the national and local press still demonise parking attendants. However, many local authorities are actively seeking to better engage with local communities and stakeholders by promoting the benefits of parking permits, disabled badges, loading controls and abandoned vehicles removal services.

Speakers include: Peter Guest, Vice President, British Parking Association; Damian Price, Prinicpal Transport Policy Officer, ALG Transport and Environment Committee; Brian Peers, Engineering and Technical Services Manager, St Albans City and District Council; Gary Griffiths, Parking Manager, London Borough of Camden; Caroline Sheppard, Chief Adjudicator, National Parking Adjudication Service; Paul Sharpe, Executive Committee, Enforcement Services Association and Sales and Marketing Director, Equita; James Waller, Managing Director, JBW Enforcement; John Mason, Head of Enforcement Operations, Congestion Charging Scheme, Transport for London; Andy Vaughan, Head of Street Management and Parking, Manchester City Council; Douglas Campbell, Executive Director, Disabled Drivers Association and David Scoggins, Head of Parking Services, Tower Hamlets; Karen Peer, Training Manager, Glasgow City Council and Bob Macnaughton, Chief Executive, NCP. Chair: Kevin Delaney, Traffic and Road Safety Manager, RAC Foundation

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