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10/18/2006 - Burlington House, London

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10/26/2006 - Leeds Park Plaza, Leeds

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11/1/2023 - London Hilton, Park Lane

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11/15/2006 - ThinkTank, Birmingham

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11/17/2006 - The Liner, Liverpool

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From Main Roads to Mixed Use Streets
Redesigning traffic arteries in urban areas

Date Of Conference: 11/3/2023

Streets are increasingly recognised as "public spaces" and "people places" and not just traffic arteries. Bus while techniques such as traffic calming are well established for treating minor streets, there is less of a clear consensus on how to deal with major streets which are home to a mix of urban uses in addition to being significant traffic routes. With today's prerogative for quality public spaces, urban regeneration and sustainability, the need for new approaches to major street design and management has never been greater.

This conference provides an unrivalled opportunity to bring toghether the emerging generation of policy-makers, practitioners and researchers engaged in moving forward knowledge and practice in the design of major streets, from the UK and overseas.

Speakers include: David Lunts, OPDM; Cllr Daniel Moylan, RB of Kensington & Chelsea; Colin Davis, Colin Davis Associates; Robert Huxford, Institution of Civil Engineers; John Dales, Urban Initiatives; Rob Cowan, Urban Design Group; Andy Rhind, DfT; Linda Beard, T2000; Norman Garrick, Congress for the New Urbanism; Ase Svensson, Lund University; Stephen Marshall, University of Westminster; Natalya Boujenko, Colin Buchanan & Partners; Jake Desyllas, Intelligent Space/Peter Heath, Atkins; Phil Jones, Phil Jones Associates; Andrew Downes, LB of Southwark; Roger Bennett, Warwickshire CC; Tony Kirby, Hull City Council; Bob Bartlett, Schorrell Analysis; Jeffrey Tumlin, Nelson Nygaard Consulting; Marion Roberts, University of Westminster, Marjolein de Jong, Diepens & Okkema and Koop Kerkstra, Municipality of Smallingerland; Peter Schick, City of Freiburg; Keith Ollier & Nicola Cheetham, TfL; Philip Connolly, Living Streets

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