The public garden - Art - landscape - environment
10/18/2006 - Burlington House, London

20 Years After D-day
10/26/2006 - Leeds Park Plaza, Leeds

The UK Bus Awards 2006
11/1/2023 - London Hilton, Park Lane

2006 UK Parking Managers' Convention
11/15/2006 - ThinkTank, Birmingham

The City in Transition
11/17/2006 - The Liner, Liverpool

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CD ROM UK Cinema Industry Conference
An important forum for all cinema exhibitors, film distributors and other industry professionals

Date Of Conference: 3/2/2023

CD ROM containing:
Copies of all speaker presentations
Audio of all speakers presentations and question and discussion sessions
Speaker biographies and any additional papers they have supplied

Against nearly all earlier expectations the UK theatrical market enters 2006 in remarkably good shape. Compared to most other countries the cinema box office is proving to be extremely robust, consolidation of the exhibition sector is largely complete, and new cinemas continue to open. Yet underlying this apparently healthy situation is an ever more challenging environment. Alternative ways of watching films are gaining in prominence and attractiveness. Piracy and film theft is still increasing. Digital cinema is arriving. Competition for the leisure pound remains fierce.
All these issues - and more - have to be faced by both distributors and exhibitors. The 2006 conference provides the forum for leading
representatives of all sides of the industry to discuss how they might do this. In particular, the afternoon session will provide an early insight into the realities of digital cinema through the early experiences of all those who are participating in the UK Film Council Digital Screen Network.

Anthony Williams,Specialist Cinema Consultant

Mark Batey, Chief Executive, Film Distributors Association

Howard Warren, Business Development Director, Pearl&Dean;

David Monk, monkVision & City University

David Steele, UK Film Council Research and Statistics Unit

Duncan Kenworthy, Film Producer and Chairman, BAFTA

John Whittingdale, Chairman, House of Commons Select Committee for Culture, Media and Sport

Robert Mitchell, Managing Director and Senior Vice-President, The Walt Disney Company

Luke Vetere, Marketing Director, Odeon and UCI Cinema Group

Mike Vickers, Managing Director, Reeltime Cinemas

Steve Perrin, Deputy Head of Distribution & Exhibition, UK Film Council

Fiona Deans, Director Digital Cinema, Arts Alliance Media

Graham Lodge, Managing Director, Sound Associates

Rob Kenny, General Manager, Curzon Soho

Derek Hook, Managing Director, Zeffirellis, Ambleside

Hamish McAlpine, Chairman, Tartan Films

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