The public garden - Art - landscape - environment
10/18/2006 - Burlington House, London

20 Years After D-day
10/26/2006 - Leeds Park Plaza, Leeds

The UK Bus Awards 2006
11/1/2023 - London Hilton, Park Lane

2006 UK Parking Managers' Convention
11/15/2006 - ThinkTank, Birmingham

The City in Transition
11/17/2006 - The Liner, Liverpool

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CD ROM Building for 21st Century Living
Housing Design to Meet the New Demographics

Date Of Conference: 11/22/2005

CD ROM containing:
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As the prevalence of the traditional household unit decreases the conventional three bedroom semi is no longer appropriate for a large section of the population. But with relatively few new homes appearing on the market in recent years there has been a tendency to sideline the issue of consumer choice. An increase in house building and large scale developments could change this scenario, creating a greater need to provide a diverse range of products and gain a better understanding of what the consumer wants.

Understanding what people want and value in new housing has potentially important implications for home builders, planners, policy makers, architects and developers. The value of customising housing design in order to target specific groups and provide for outstanding needs could be critical for success in the housing industry and in creating good policy.

This conference will investigate the need to provide homes that meet the needs of those who purchase them. It brings together key speakers to consider changing demands, future trends and the developments that are leading the way in housing design.

Ken Bartlett, Advisor, Joseph Rowntree Foundation & Author of ‘Consumer Choice in House Buying’

Judith Harrison, Chief Executive, Housing Forum

Neil Johnson, Senior Parlimentary and Policy Officer, Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors

Guy Dewsbury, Research Associate, Faculty of Applied Science, Lancaster University & Author of ‘Designing the Home to Meet the Needs of Tomorrow’

Matthew Carmona, Head of Bartlett School of Planning, UCL & RTPI

Zulema Xavier, Design Coding Pilot Project Manager, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister

Peter Chlapowski, Director, PCKO Architects

Tony Pryor, MacCormac Jamieson Pritchard &
Tony Perkins, General Manager, London Hostels Association

Tim Stoner, Managing Director, Space Syntax

Andy von Bradsky, Director, PRP Architects

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